Opus Standards

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The Opus device is compliant with the following US, international standards and protocols so that it can be operated worldwide according to similarly compliant readers' instructions.
  1. EPC Radio-Frequency Identity Protocol Generation-2 UHF RFID Standard V2.1
  2. ISO/IEC 29167-10-2015
  3. ISO/IEC 29167-10-2016
  4. ISO/IEC 18000-63-2015
  5. FIPS Publication 197-2001
  6. NIST Special Publication 800-38B-2016

Opus always listens to commands from a reader. Opus supports all required GEN2V2 commands plus 4 optional commands and 9 proprietary commands which are as shown below. No more, no less.

Supported optional GEN2V2 reader commands:
  1. Access
  2. Untraceable
  3. Authenticate
  4. ReadBuffer

Supported proprietary reader commands:
  1. Select EPC to turn on LED
  2. Select StoredPC to turn on LED
  3. Write to turn on LED
  4. Select to measure battery voltage
  5. Select to measure temperature
  6. Write to measure temperature
  7. Select to measure OCRSSI (On-chip RSSI)
  8. Select EPC to request BAP (Battery Assisted Passive) communication mode
  9. Write to request BAP communication mode  

Opus provides integrity and confidentiality protection of its memory. This protection is cryptographically strong, and the memory data transmitted from the Opus device can be trusted anywhere the data travels wirelessly on the earth. With Opus, secure remote monitoring and automation of data sampling and processing are made possible.

The integrity and confidentiality protection framework is provided by the GEN2V2 optional command Authenticate. Any reader supporting Authenticate, since supporting the command is optional, can initiate the security functions inside the protection framework and solicit memory information, but only can the entity possessing the keys verify whether the information is trustworthy.      

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